About Me

I consider myself to be an intelligent and presentable individual, with an outgoing and likeable personality and ability to work effectively as part of a team as well as on own intuitive. An individual with strong communication and technical skills, proficient to solve real world problems through qualified skills acquired with educational and professional experience. Confidence and good communication skills have continuously helped me to work for a well-reputed and career-oriented organization, which provides best future opportunities have professional environment where I can utilize my knowledge, qualified skills, abilities, and experience in order to enhance the overall progress of the organization.

The reason for choosing computer science as my graduation major is the enhancement of technologies and rapid development in the field of computing, where scientists, researchers, software engineers, and developers are consistently striving to solve social and real world problems with scientific solutions that are emerging with the growth of computer science and I am determined to be the part of this community.

My graduation career begins with problems identification and analysis through scientific methods, computer science provides decisive solutions to many real world problems with implementation methodologies of programming so my interest towards programming augmented with zeal of learning I have programming techniques and tactics with different programming languages.

I am passionate about Programming love to solve computing problems with enthusiastic efforts and determination to do something challenging, unique and vital.

My professional career begins with a challenging job of developing a website for an international conference, 4th International on Business Management organized by Sukkur Institute of Business Administration.

After the success of 4th ICoBM, It was decided by Sukkur IBA Administration to initiate the research journal “Sukkur IBA Journal of Management and Business – SIJMB” and the task of developing and maintaining its official website has been handed over to me that is I am currently performing by working as Web Developer at Office of Research Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC) Sukkur IBA.

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